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“If language is innate, if it’s what makes us human … Then it can’t simply die, can it? Something … Someone … has to kill it. Don’t they?”
A celebration of the absurd lengths we will go to to make ourselves heard, to prove our love and scare ourselves stiff.


A film critic and a novelist embark on an affair with disturbing echoes of their latest research: his on the violent oeuvre of a Japanese film-maker, hers into true tales of ‘wild children’. Werewolves, ravens and fallen angles all come under friendly fire in this visceral clash of love story and horror flick.

Blue on Blue is a playful and disturbing combination of fact and fiction, veering widely in style as it embraces Hitchcock, Japanese hora, live music and silly dance. It is an attempt at some kind of acknowledgement of the extraordinary life of ‘Genie’ – a so-called ‘feral’ child, who came to the attention of Los Angeles’ welfare authorities in 1970.

Originally written for an international cast of six (from the UK, Australia, Japan, Greece and the Netherlands), the play explores the limitations of language in expressing what it is to be human.

Contains scenes of a sexual nature.

Playwright’s Note

But I’ve gotta use words when I talk to you.

T S Eliot, Sweeney Agonistes

People mock the thing they most fear, as the reinvention of the word ‘sad’ as a contemptuous term of abuse shows.

Michael Newton, Savage Girls and Wild Boys

She became known as the ‘Great Abbreviator’, who managed to get her way and make her thoughts and wishes known without hardly saying anything … By the time this work is read, she may have developed far beyond what is described here. That is my hope – that I will not be able to keep up with her, that she will have the last word.”

Susan Curtis, Genie – A Psycholinguistic Study of a Modern-Day “Wild Child”

‘Blue on blue’ is the term the military give to ‘friendly fire’: the inadvertent targeting of one’s own side.

Production History

MA Theatre Practices Ensemble, Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College, September 2003.



The Dog Man / Glimmerveen, Teunkie van der Sluijs

The Girl’s Body (a wild child), Rebecca Loudonsack

The Raven (a femme fatale), Stamatoula Theologou

Buckley (a critic), Nicholas Goode

Stover (a novelist), Belinda Hoare

Matsuda (a film maker), Etsuko Shirasaka



Director, Nesta Jones

Designer, Nigel Hook

Lighting Designer, Ian Woolley


MA Ensemble, Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford College, September 2003


Blue on Blue

  • Categories: Cast size less than 8 / Contemporary / Set in Europe / Set in the US
  • Cast: 2 Women, 4 Men
  • Setting: Various locations / Contemporary
  • Running Time: 90 Minutes
  • Characters:
  • Scripts:
  • Performance Rights: Rights Currently Available.
    Non-exclusive Student/Amateur/Unwaged Professional:
    £60/$100 per performance.
    Territory Exclusive Waged Professional:
    Royalty on application.
    N.B. All licences require one purchase of the authorised rehearsal script.

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