An alternative take on The War On Terror, EX is part domestic comedy, part political satire, human in scale, lyrical in tone. And at its heart lies more than one mysterious disappearance …


A News Reporter goes missing on assignment in a war zone, but his problems lie much closer to home.

Distinguished war correspondent, Julian Halvard, disillusioned with the media coverage of ‘The War on Terror’, takes an unsanctioned sojourn to an archeological dig in an ancient city. But what is the truth behind the site’s historical account of a ‘clash of civilisations’? What does an aid worker have to do with his going AWOL? And how will he explain to his estranged daughter why he is now in urgent need of her physiotherapy skills?

A play for three women and a man about battles waged far from the front-line. 

Playwright’s Note


The play was commissioned in 2002 at the height of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’.

In terms of location:

‘The excavation site of the Archaeological Survey’ is modelled on the ancient site of Mohenjodaro, in modern day Pakistan.

‘The basement bar of a hotel in the vicinity of a war zone’ is possibly the Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar

‘The living room of a home’ might be found in Holland Park, London.

The character of Caroline was originally written to be an Australian. She can be of any nationality and the text altered accordingly.

Production History

Potomac Theatre Project (PTP/NYC), ‘After Dark’ Series, Atlantic Stage II, New York, July 2015

Platform Performance:

EMMA a physiotherapist, Caitlin Duffy
JULIAN a correspondent, Jonathan Tindle
IFZA an archaeologist, Akhila Khanna
CAROLINE an aid worker, Mari Vial-Golden
Narrator, Nesba Crenshaw
Director, Steven Dykes

MA Ensemble Theatre, Rose Theatre, Rose Bruford College, London, June 2002 – directed by Nesta Jones



  • Categories: Cast size less than 8 / Contemporary
  • Cast: 3 women, 1 man
  • Setting: Various locations, 2003
  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Characters:
  • Scripts:
  • Performance Licence: Apply for a Performance Licence

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